Philosophy & Style

As a photographer, I'm all about connection and intimacy. Through my photographs, I want you and your family to see your true selves- of course how beautiful you are and how much fun you have together, but also the quiet, serious moments, too. I want to give you not only a memorable experience with your photography session, but I also want to create a physical record of this moment in your life with high quality products - tangible items that you can touch, hold and pass down through the generations. I want you to have beautiful photographs that will broadcast a statement loud and clear to future generations: "I was here, and I mattered."


Portrait sessions, which involve 1-2 hours of my time and talent, are $200. Following your session, I invite you to view your photos at an in-person reveal session where I will help you select the perfect album, wall art or prints to tell the story of your session. Please contact me for full package information.