Kim | Highland Park Maternity Session

It may sound cliched, but one of the aspects of photography that attracts me the most is its ability to show people in another light; to look at them a little differently than we might normally. Take my friend Kim, for example.

I’ve known Kim for years; she’s one of those people who is simply a beautiful soul. She’s a caring and competent nurse, the friend that you can text at 6am with a photo of your weird rash, who will get back to you ASAP with calm reassurance and advice… and a dash of humor. Basically, she is a real life Ann Perkins.

I’ve always known what a wonderful person she is, and of course I’ve always thought of her as very pretty as well; so I was thrilled when she decided to get maternity photos taken. For her session we headed over to Highland Park, and while that may be another cliche (photos in Highland Park in spring?), we couldn’t resist the chance to catch the park right at that sweet spot where everything was in bloom. It was perfection.

Kim and I had a great time, and when I left the session I felt good about the photos. However once I got home and began to look at them closely, I got goosebumps. There’s no denying that Kim is a lovely woman in person, but these photos are something else entirely. She’s simply beautiful; the most beautiful, glowing sun goddess ever.  

I was so excited for Kim to see her photos. I hold in-person viewing sessions for all of my clients- in addition to being a great way to assist clients in selecting their photos and answering any questions, it’s also just plain fun to see their faces as they view their photos for the first time. The morning of Kim’s appointment I was running around, getting things ready, when my phone buzzed- it was a text from Kim. In it, she apologized profusely that she would have to cancel that day’s appointment- she was on the way to the hospital to have her baby!

I’ll have some sweet newborn photos to share in the near future, but in the meantime please enjoy some of my favorites from Kim’s maternity session. Oh Kim, you beautiful tropical fish!