Newborn Portraits

A Warm and Welcoming Lifestyle Newborn Session | Rochester, NY Newborn Photographer

As a newborn photographer, you have to be prepared for anything. Babies who fuss, cry, want to feed constantly and can’t get settled are just par for the course in this profession. Still, I wasn’t quite prepared for what greeted me when I arrived at Brandon and Liz’s house to photograph their new baby Eliza: a cup of coffee.

Considering they had only had 11 days of practice, Brandon and Liz were killing it in the parenting department. They were both so relaxed, and so clearly enjoying their sweet new daughter, along with their brand new roles as parents. From the moment I stepped into their home and Brandon handed me that cup of coffee, I could see that little Eliza had somewhat seamlessly slipped into their world, rather than completely rocking it.

Eliza’s newborn session mirrored her parents’ attitude: warm, loving and relaxed. No fussing or crying- this might have been a first! We set up shop in the cozy master bedroom, and in between coffee refills I worked with Brandon and Liz to document their gorgeous new family. Eliza cooperated beautifully, and I left that morning not only with a couple of growlers of homebrew (Brandon is a master beer-brewer!), but a smile on my face and the warm feeling that I had just witnessed the beginnings of one very happy family.

Eliza is one of the members of my flagship Year One Plan - a baby package I’ve been implementing for the past year without really having the chance to advertise. With the Year One Plan, I’ll have the privilege of photographing Eliza during more of the milestones of her first year (or so) of babyhood. I’ll share all the details of my Year One Plan in a future post- but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these images from this beautiful newborn session. Welcome to the world, Baby Eliza!